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Captivate Your Crowd - How to Connect & Inspire Your Audiences

Published on 29 May 2019 / In Other


Coach Sean Smith -- In this video, Sean teaches how to truly captivate, connect and inspire people to take action.

There are 4 ingredients of captivation that you can intentionally put into your talks, your energy, your language, etc, with the 4th one being the most important.

Captivating your audience is also not something you should spend much time trying to create. Instead, it is something that already exists and you just have to allow it to grow.

One of the biggest pieces of this inherent connection is rapport, or a state of trust and responsiveness that must be present for people to follow you.

And finally, if you really want to inspire people to take m****ive action and change their lives, don't do it the way most speakers try to do it, by motivating them.

The key is to inspire them by digging into their internal resources and drawing it out of them, so you can then challenge them to take some kind of action.



Sean's Mission is to Empower People with the Skills, Mindset and Beliefs to live a life filled with Purpose, P****ion and Presence.


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